Vocare Storytellers: Liz’s Experience

Oh, Vocare, how I love thee!  I went to Vocare excited and nervous all at the same time.  I was excited to experience something new, but nervous that I wouldn’t get as much out of the weekend that I hope I would.  Boy was I wrong!  I was in a big transition time in my life – I wasn’t sure what the next step in my life would be and I … Continue reading

Vocare BEACH-cation! (Official Reunion)

Vocare BEACH-cation! (Official Reunion)

The Vocare Alumni are getting together for our official Annual Reunion! Join us for an overnight beach trip at All Saints’ Episcopal Church on Tybee Island on June 21-22. There is a lot of fun and community to be had! A sit down meeting will kick things off, which includes elections for the VSC and … Continue reading

Reunion in progress!!!

If you’re in Atl. swing by the Cathedral, 2744 Peachtree Rd. and make your way downstairs to the Diocesan Mission room. If we’re gone from there you can find us in Chastain Park. Look for the bread and wine.